Spanish for Business

Spanish Lessons British companies face greater language barriers than other countries in Europe. When dealing with Spain or coping with European Union bureaucracy, success may depend upon your ability to communicate in Spanish.

Teaching Methods
A conversational approach forms the basis of our Spanish lessons, with the emphasis on fluent oral communication and the development of a wide business vocabulary. Students are given written exercises or audio cassettes to consolidate what they have been taught during a class. The format of our Spanish courses enables students to assimilate material easily.

Tuition is offered in a variety of forms: as an intensive course, a long term programme, with individual or group lessons to suit your own requirements.

The aim of NST is to emphasise practical competence. NST teachers integrate the appropriate business, cultural and professional backgrounds and familiarise people through role play with the very situations they are likely to encounter. Topics of interest are introduced within a functional framework: newspapers, magazines, films, television programmes and cassettes are used to ensure that students are familiar with regional variations and up-to-date professional terminology.

Training Programme
For group Spanish tuition, the teachers will assess all students and divide them into groups of comparable level:

The elementary level enables the student to acquire the basic essentials of communication and master the key elements of Spanish for social situations.

The intermediate level gives the student the ability to converse comfortably on both a personal and professional level and provides an opportunity to becomefamiliar with idiomatic expressions and standard business vocabulary.

The advanced level promotes the student's mastery of the normal social and vocational uses of the language and provides a specialist range of vocabulary related to his work environment.

We arrange Spanish tuition in London at all levels, from beginners to advanced. We organise assessments before and after tuition.

General: an all purpose course for social and business needs.

Business and commercial: a course designed for the busy client, specialising in business language skills, negotiations and Spanish business practice.

Legal: an intermediate and advanced level course which develops oral and written proficiency, as well as providing basic information on company law, property law, contract law and legal terminology.

Architecture/engineering/technical skills: designed for intermediate and advanced students, the course teaches technical terms and provides on-site fluency. It familiarises students with Spanish architectural and engineering working practices.

Journalism: a course concentrating on interviewing skills and the ability to digest economic and political information.

Secretarial: a practical course concentrating on conversational and written skills, including letter-writing, business courtesies, telephone techniques and client relations.

Other Spanish courses: GCSE and A-level tutorials, holiday survival courses, refresher courses and courses for telephone operators.

Times and Locations
Courses are normally held on client premises but if preferred can be held at a central London location. Classes can run from one to four hours per day or week. Courses are completely flexible based upon your requirements. Lessons are available at any time between 8.00am and 10.00 pm, seven days a week. Rates vary depending on the number of students and the number of classes booked.